North America

Executive Team

North America
Kenneth Brandt
North America
Paul McKeon
Cam MacDonald
Eva Taylor

United States of America

Accident & Health
Victor Torres
Elizabeth Geary
Entertainment & Contingency
Frank Lorenzo
Marine & Aviation
Christopher O’Gwen
Management & Professional Liability
Brian Finlay
Medical Professional Liability
Megan McIntyre
Mortgage Liability
John Miscisin
Professional Liability
Nick Tzaneteas
Property (Treaty)
Lisa Moser
Property (Facultative)
Cornel Green
Professional Liability (Facultative)
David Scott
Trade Credit & Surety
Shawn Lynch
Traditional Casualty
Gareth Stanley
US Regional, National & Specialty
Thomas Loverde
US Direct
Desmond Pollock
TransRe Capital Partners
Craig Hupper
TransRe Insurtech Partners
James Whitelaw