Research & Resilience

Aug, 2015

Reducing Our Risk: Innovation for Disaster PreparationOpens in a new window

In partnership with, we reviewed a number of ideas for improving community resilience. Here we showcase the winning entries, together with the general lessons we learned from the experience.
Sep, 2014

Role of Global Reinsurance In Strengthening Disaster Risk Resilience (GRF)Opens in a new window

The Global Reinsurance Forum (of which TransRe is a founding member) highlights the role of an integrated risk management structure (government regulation, improved engineering in addition to (re)insurance) to improve society’s resilience to natural and man-made disasters.
May, 2013

Role of Insurance in Community Resilience (RAA)Opens in a new window

The Reinsurance Association Of America’s President, Frank Nutter, highlights both the threat and impact of U.S. natural catastrophes, using a wealth of statistical data, as well as the role of insurance, and recommended developments.


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