Social Conscience

Mission Statement

We at TransRe are dedicated to providing our clients with reinsurance solutions that strengthen their resilience against financial loss. In addition to reinsurance solutions, we and our employees offer time, effort, and energy, as well as financial assistance to a wide range of projects that align with our goal of resiliency, including research into best practices in disaster preparedness and ways to strengthen natural infrastructures to protect vulnerable communities and people.

Our Vision

We view social good as an indelible part of our mission. We value risk not only as a guiding business practice but also as an overarching social mission that calls for us to help mitigate the effects of risk for those who are most vulnerable. We value communities and people across the globe whose lives are impacted by economic or environmental risk, and we strive to support causes that share our same commitment to preventing potential exposures. Through resilience, research and development as well as investments in infrastructure, we work to evaluate the risks of today while working to reduce the risks of tomorrow. 

Our Research & Resilence Efforts

We have a diligent and systematic approach to investigating global perils that are impacting various communities at large. Its goal is to discover or revise facts, reach new conclusions, discover new information or achieve new insights that will improve the lives of those impacted by challenging conditions throughout the world.
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Our Global Volunteerism

We have consistently empowered our employees that have passion to want to give back to their communities. We at TransRe provide, time, resources and financial commitment to various nonprofits and volunteer organizations with their local communities.
  • We develop the next generation of leaders through education and mentorship
  • We encourage community service and civic participation
  • We support sustainability efforts around the rebuilding of local communities
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