Blue Marble Microinsurance

Blue Marble is a startup with a mission to extend socially impactful, commercially viable insurance protection to the underserved.

Blue Marble Microinsurance

Sharing the vision of collaboration to develop insurance to benefit underserved communities worldwide.

Insurance has a central role to improve the resilience of communities around the world. Bridging the protection gap is a big task that calls for an unique business model to deliver results.

Our Vision

To economically empower the underserved
  • To understand the underserved’s inhibitors and their complex interactions
  • To develop innovative, customer centric solutions by bundling services that comprehensively address these inhibitors
  • To master partnerships and networks to deliver these solutions
  • To make solutions affordable through technological innovations to mitigate frictional costs


To provide socially impactful, commercially viable insurance protection to the underserved.







Consortium Members

Blue Marble incubates and implements microinsurance solutions to support the economic advancement of communities. To do so, Blue Marble’s core management team is complemented by experts seconded from the consortium members. Together with customers and collaborative partnerships, Blue Marble addresses a specific social issue, and develops the tools, technology and innovative delivery mechanisms to solve that issue.

Consortium graphic of globe with members name - TransRe, Hamilton, Marsh & McLennan/Guy Carpenter, Zurich, Axa, ASSA, Old Mutual, AIG, Aspen

Collaborative Partners

Blue Marble Supports

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mother and child graphic


graphic of family

Underserved Communities

Venture Process

  • graphic of Seeds are sown in the soil

    Idea Generation

    Crowdsourcing ideas from 250,000+ owner company employees

  • graphic of seeds germinating


    Developing ideas into full-fledged business plans

  • graphic of a fully grown tree


    Entering the market, pivoting based on lessons learned, and validating the concept

  • graphic of a fully grown tree with fruits on it


    Expanding market reach of validated concept


Platforms represent a continuously improving repository of tools and knowledge that drive synergies across market-facing ventures and value creation. Platforms underpin our ability to design and launch ventures quickly and efficiently. The platforms are as follows:

  • Climate Risk

    Climate risk
  • Technology

  • Data Services

    data services
  • Social Impact

    social impact
  • Education


Collaborative Talent

Blue Marble has a core management team that is complemented by experts seconded from the consortium companies.

graphic of Team with Talented people

Impact Capital

  • 1

    Working Capital

    Funded equally by all nine consortium members

  • 2

    Investment Capital

    Blue Marble manages a venture capital fund that is owned equally by all nine consortium members

  • 3

    Outside Investments

    Welcomed at point of scale of venture


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